The Gunsmoke Movies

Gunsmoke: The Last Apache

    • Gunsmoke: The Last Apache aired on CBS on March 18, 1990. To whom was the movie dedicated?
      • Amanda Blake, who had recently died of Aids.

    • (T/F) A total of ten made-for-TV movies were premiered in the season when Gunsmoke: The Last Apache was first aired. Gunsmoke: The Last Apache had the highest ratings of ten.
      • False ... it finished number 7.

    • How many stars did TV Guide give to Gunsmoke: The Last Apache?
      • Three

    • In Gunsmoke: The Last Apache, Dillon learns that he has a daughter. What is her name?
      • Beth. The mother, named Mike, was played by Michael Learned who, in a Gunsmoke episode, played Matt's lover when Dillon had amnesia.

    • Does Dillon's daughter ride side saddle?


  • According to Leonard Maltin, Gunsmoke: The Last Apache is a patent reworking of the movie The Searchers starring whom?
  • John Wayne
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Henry Fonda
  • Tim Conway
  • John Wayne


    • In Gunsmoke: : The Last Apache, Dillon's daughter referred to him as
      • Dad
      • Father
      • Matt
      • Dad