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Stuart Margolin
Stuart Margolin

Homecoming, January 8, 1973 Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Gunnar Hellstrom, Guest Cast: Richard Kelton, Robert Pratt, Stuart Margolin, Lurene Tuttle, Claudia Bryar, Ivy Jones, Lynn Marta

A Family of Killers, January 14, 1974 Written by William Keys, Directed by Gunnar Hellstrom, Guest Cast: Glenn Corbett, Anthony Caruso, Mills Watson, Morgan Paull, Zina Bethune, George Keymas, Frank Corsentino, Stuart Margolin

Always fun to watch, Stuart Margolin has been a steady supporting player in films and on TV from the 1960s on. He is best known for his TV work, especially as Angel on "The Rockford Files", but has done some solid work in films as well. He is of medium height with black curly hair and very sharp facial features, with a distinct flat voice. He was the perfect sidekick, sometimes loyal, sometimes sneaky, often fickle and his unpredictable style endeared him to fans. He was born in Davenport, Iowa on January 31, 1940 on the Mississippi River and moved around a lot as a youth. Initially he had planned on being a writer and he moved to New York at the age of 20 where he became one of the youngest playwrights ever to have a work produced Off-Broadawy. In the mid 1960s he found his niche in supporting roles on television. He worked on many series and did an occasional film. He found his greatest success with James Garner, as his "one-man repertory company", and won two Emmys for his work on "The Rockford Files" as Angel. In recent years he has turned to film and television directing, writing, producing and even composing of muisc scores. His films included: "Women of the Prehistoric Planet" (1966) as Chief, his film debut; "Don't Just Stand There!" (1968) as Remy; "The Gamblers" (1969) as Goldy; "Kelly's Heroes" (1970) as Little Joe; "Limbo" (1972) as Phil Garrett; "The Stone Killer" (1973) as Lawrence; "The Gambler" (1974) with James Caan, as Cowboy; "Death Wish" (1974) with Charles Bronson, as Ames Jainchill; "Futureworld" (1976) as Harry; "The Big Bus" (1976) as Alex; "Days of Heaven" (1978) with Richard Gere, as Mill Foreman; "S.O.B." (1981) as Gary Murdock; "Class" (1983) as Balaban; "Iron Eagle II" (1988) as Gen. Stillmore; "Bye Bye Blues" (1989) as Slim Godfrey; "Guilty by Suspicion" (1991) as Abe Barron; "Impolite" (1992) as I.M. Penner; "The Lay of the Land" (1997) as Carmine Ficcone and "The Hi-Line" (1999) as Clyde Johnson. On TV he was a regular on the series: "Occasional Wife" (1966-67) as Bernie; "Love American Style" (1969-73) as a Repertory Player; "Nichols" (1971-72) with James Garner, as Mitch; "The Rockford Files" (191974-1980) as Evelyn "Angel" Martin; "Bret Maverick" (1981-82) again with James Garner, as Philo Sandine; "Mr. Smith" (1983) as Dr. Klein and "Mom P.I." (1990) as Bernard Fox. He appeared in many TV movies including a series of "Rockford Files" movies and: "The Intruders" (1970); "The California Kid" (1974); "Perilous Voyage" (1976) and "The Glitter Dome" (1984). He also guested on numerous TV series including: "Gunsmoke"; "It Takes A Thief"; "The Virginian"; "The Monkees"; "Bewitched"; "The Partridge Family"; "M*A*S*H"; "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Magnum P.I."

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